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Here are some fun behind the scenes pictures with some of my favorite people and projects I've worked on through the years. Warning, a few oldies but goodies thrown in there for the heck of it.


This is a work in progress. I will continue to add pictures as time allows.

Cast of Tomato Limbo (2017) which included Artie Pasquale, Michael Tota, Bill Sorvino, and Tisha Tinsman.
A few shots from 2017-2018 with some of my favorite co-stars and crew!
Shots from the film, The Middle of X, directed by Peter Odiorne (2017). My son Henry and I were both cast. My character, Sharron, shows up in an 80's flashback, thus the interesting wardrobe choice. 
The awesome cast of Richard Wilson's "The HAlloween Girl" (2015)
Alphabet Soup (2014)
BD live Industrial (Arizona, 2013)
American Women's College (2014)
Eyes of the Dead (Formerly 6:15)(2014)
Comcast commercial shoot (Jonas, 2013)
Some of my handsome and beautiful co-stars and crew! (Random shots, various years)

Teva shoot with Aaron Cromie, directed by Carra Minkoff.

House of Cards, 2015

Pennsylvania Lottery(2014)

Soldier Bear, 2015

Silken Veils, 2016 - Indianapolis

Random Behind the scenes shoots from 2015-2016

The cast of ABC's What Would You Do? "Nannygate"

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