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Carol Anne Raffa



Stats: 5’4”, Size: 4, Brown hair, Brown eyes

Degree: BFA Theater, University of the Arts
Location: East Coast
Willing to travel


The Middle of X                                                Sharron (principal)                 Last Man Standing, Peter Skillman Odiorne

Tomato Limbo                                                  Ivy (principal)                           Bigger Boat Pictures, Michael Tota

Tagati (short)                                                     Soccer Mom (principal)         Allied Pixel, Bill Haley

Empty Spaces (short)                                       Principal                                  Outreach Arts, Richard T. Wilson

The Halloween Girl (short)                              Karen (principal)                    Mad Shelley Films, Richard T. Wilson

Eyes of the Dead                                               Stephanie (principal)            6:15 Productions/Ben and Oliver Samuels

Data: A Love Story book trailer                      Amy Webb (lead)                   Penguin Publishing, Ben Hickernell

Job #5                                                                 Theresa (principal)                Outside the Box Prods, Devirgilis/Hasenauer

I’d Rather Be in Philadelphia                          Annie (supporting)                Greater Phila. Film Office, Shawn Thompson

Life at the End of Time                                    Tina (principal)                       PIP Prod, Aaron Weingrad

Lies the Radio Told Me                                    Jenny (lead)                             First Born Prod, John Draus

Renaissance                                                      Rhonda (lead)                         Aquamarine Prod, David Mercy



What Would You Do? Dad Shaming ep        Instigating Woman                          ABC, Ashley A. Phillips

House of Cards, ep. 3.7                                  Claire's Secretary (supporting)       Netflix, John Dahl

What Would You Do? Nannygate                  Wife                                                    ABC, Ashley A. Phillips

Alphabet Soup                                                  Host, series regular                         EDtv, Robert Markopoulos,

Do No Harm, ep. 5                                           Rosa Miro (principal)                       NBC, John Behring             

Political Animals, ep. 6                                    FLOTUS Garcetti (princ)                   USA, Greg Berlanti

What Would You Do?, season 6, ep. 1          Gina (principal)                                 CBS, Art Rubalcava

Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius                      Chemist Asst. (u/5)                           NOVA, Joe Smith

Hack, ep. 32 Dial “O” for Murder                   Penny (principal)                              CBS, Chad Lowe

Ambush Makeover FOX TV pilot                    Fashion Agent/Host                        Banyan Productions/FOX

QVC Christmas in July special                         Day Player                                        QVC Television

WITF Channel 33 TV Auction                           Host                                                   WITF Channel 33

QVC Product Works for iHear                         Mother (principal)                           QVC Television, John D’Amico



Improvisational and comedic skills Teleprompter proficient

Ear Prompter (have my own)

Medical and Pharma vocabulary

Athletic and fit:

Aerobics, Running (long distance), Kick boxing, Softball, Swimming, Skiing (full length and short skis), Rollerblading (have my own blades), Yoga, Bowling (have my own ball)

Great with kids and animals (I foster dogs with the WAGS org) Able to tie shoelaces with my toes

Valid drivers license

Valid passport

Theater (partial list)

Soldier Bear                                                       Ania                                                    Plays and Players Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Silken Veils                                                         Sholeh                                                Adrienne Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

                                                                                                                                         Phoenix Theater, Indianapolis, IN

The Little Prince                                                Rose                                                    New Victory Theater, New York, NY

The Little Prince                                                Rose/Desert Flower                          Bristol Riverside Theatre, Bristol, PA

The Little Prince                                                Rose/Desert Flower                          Cape May Stage, Cape May, NJ

Rewind                                                                Ms. Reinhart                                      Marget Productions, Philadelphia, PA

Beirut                                                                  Blue                                                     Jewel Box Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

First Annual Armageddon Sex Groove          Remi Deor                                         Copperview Theatre Co, Los Angeles, CA

Hazing the Monkey                                          Lisa                                                      Copperview Theatre Co.

Mrs. Goldstein’s Cookies                                 Lucy                                                     Norris Theater, Palos Verdes, CA

The Imaginary Invalid                                      Angelique/Louisa                              Philadelphia Area Repertory Theatre, PA

Guarding the Garden                                       Lillith                                                   New Legends Traveling Rep., Phila., PA

So It’s the Laughter solo show                      Gilda Radner                                       Black Box Theater, Philadelphia, PA

A Shayna Maidel                                              Rose                                                     Allen’s Lane Theater, Philadelphia, PA

Conflicts available upon request.

Print and Runway (partial list)

QVC petite model                                        Capital Health

Christopher and Banks petites                 Pep Boys

Vanguard                                                      Penske Trucks

NFL                                                                 Snuggie

Miyashi Pillow                                              Digitas

White Cloud Diapers                                   Tamiflu

Philadelphia Tourism                                  Crozer

Glamour Magazine                                      Capitol Health  



Corporate and Industrial Films

(Partial list/All principal roles/All In-house/*Denotes more than one booking)

Scott Paper, Superfresh, Biaxin, *Dupont, *Pep Boys, National Association for Convenience Stores, Amoco’s Split Second Stores, *Roche, Health Answers, Georgetown University, Lockheed-Martin, BAE Systems, Janssen-Ortho, *Aventis, Triton, U.S. Dept. of Immigration and Custom Exchange, *Novartis, *Midi Inc. Ethics Series, Goldman Sachs, Aid Inc., Lansinoh, CW, *Wyeth, *Merck, Stevens & Lee, *PA Power and Light, *AstraZeneca, Cymbalta, Namenda, *Unisys, Telenav, Axiom, *Employaid, Covance, KPMG, PA Dept of Public Welfare, *SAI Global, Goddard Schools, Lancaster General Hospital, Independence Blue Cross, MedImmune, Lovenox, Vanguard, Cephalon, Windstreet Energy, Sanofi-Aventis, Fox Chase, Zurich, Penn Mutual, AXA, Ninety Five 5, Lancaster Women and Babies Hospital, Bayer, Career Pathways, Careerminds, Provenge, The American College, Pennies In Action, Pfizer, ADP, Genesis, Winner Airport Parking

Voice Overs (partial list)

Ballston Mall, Thomas Edison University, Independence Blue Cross, Eastland Center, Quantum Learning Inc., Axiom, Brynmawr Stereo, Famvil, Coppertone (Nat'l), Avellino’s, Hershey Park, Dr. Scholl's (Nat'l)

Acura, Imaginazoo, SAI Global, Mack Trucks, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Zen Comics, Drexel University, Go North Penguin (theatrical soundtrack), e-Patient Connections, Jeep Eagle, Bacharach Sleep Center, Phila. Vocational Schools, Las Vegas General Hospital, Exton Mall, Stonemor, Ban de Soleil, Advantex, Keytruda                                

Training & Workshops

University of the Arts, BFA in Theater Arts

Studied Acting at the Copperview Theater Company, Los Angeles, CA

Studied Acting at the Michael Howard Studios, New York, NY

List of teachers and workshops available upon request.

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