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Professional. Reliable. Creative. Focused. I work hard to make your production a success. No divas here. Just a trained and experienced actress who won't leave set until you've gotten exactly what you and your clients need for the job.


Although my background is in theater, I do a tremendous amount of camera and recording studio work. I have hundreds of corporate videos, voice overs and commercials under my belt. I am extremely proficient with ear prompter and teleprompter and will save you time and money with my efficient and clear reads.


I am often cast in "ethnically ambiguous" roles. I also do quite a bit of spokes-work and pharmaceutical videos since medical vocabulary is no problem for me.


I am a print and fashion model and work regularly in the petite departments for various web catalogs and informal runway shows.


You've seen me for years on screen in commercials, mostly cast as a friendly mother or a neighbor you can trust. I have good comedic timing and will hit my mark every time.


I received a wonderful education from the University of the Arts where I earned a BFA degree in theater. As much as I love being on the boards, I'm just as at home doing film and television.


I've been fortunate to work with some of the best in the business. A few of them have even graciously offered to say a few nice things about working with me...


















Why you should cast me.

Any ordinary mortal would have wilted during a very long day of shooting, but Carol Anne just kept going like the Energizer bunny. She is a true pleasure to work with and a real pro. One of my favorite people to work with.


Bill Haley

Allied Pixel



There are lots of great actors in town but with Carol Anne, not only do you always get a fabulous performance but she is a pleasure to have on set.  Professional, cheerful, friendly, never a prima donna and always willing to jump in and lend an extra hand if needed.


Rob Kates

Executive Producer

Kates Media Inc.


Very few people I meet in the industry are as professional, courteous, and punctual as Carol Anne. Always prepared, Carol Anne is a plus for any production. Don't miss a chance to work with the best!


Christopher Christian


Carol Anne has been an asset as a great talent, as well as a simple joy to work with. Always the consummate professional in every way, always kind, and with a wicked sense of humor to boot. Once clients experience working with Carol Anne, they request her repeatedly, she auditions and books seemingly effortlessly, and she makes what I do come easily!  Dream talent!


Jenna Adams

Agency Director

Reinhard, Inc.

We hired Carol Anne for several corporate video projects and she has consistently delivered a great product every time. I would recommend hiring Carol Anne as your company spokesperson or for corporate video projects. She is very professional and easy to work with.


Raymond Lee

Founder and CPO




Forget the years of stage and TV experience that come shining through in every aspect of her work. Forget her chameleon-like ability to shift from a credible corporate spokes to any character-type you can throw at her (I’ve seen it!). And forget the fact she possesses an extraordinary ambiguous “look” that clients crave; Carol Anne knows funny and that goes a long way on a lengthy day of shooting!


She’s reliable, charming, smart and a professional in the truest sense that “gets it” every time.


Mark DiBartolomeo


Center City Film & Video

I have worked with Carol Anne Raffa many times.  She is a talented, knowledgeable, dependable professional. Working with her is always a pleasure.  She's a team player who can be relied on to do all in her power to make the job flow smoothly. She is an asset to any production.


Charlie Roney



CA, is one of the most talented actors I have ever worked with.  Having worked with well over a thousand actors in the past 10 years I can say she surely is a cut above the rest. 


Pete Safran
Manager, Multimedia
Lincoln Financial Group

Carol Anne Raffa is an actress of extraordinary talent and courage. I've worked with her in many settings from theatre plays for children, heavy hitting international dramas, and commercial shoots. Each time Ms. Raffa was a delight to work with and brought to the table a charming wit and insight into characters that was revelatory for both myself and the production staff.


Leila Ghaznavi

Actress, Writer, Director, Producer

Pantea Productions

Carol Anne Raffa is one of the most talented actresses that I have worked with.  Prepared, professional and pleasant.  The consummate professional.


Neill Hartley

Actor, Producer

Carol Anne is a beautiful, amazing talent that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years. She is on our short-short list of go-to talent. I would say, if you are running a production where you don’t have time for mistakes, Carol Anne is a true professional with great attitude and energy.


Brad Kenyon

Director, Producer, Cinematographer

Managing Partner, Aurora Films

I remember being blown away by Carol Anne at an audition for a video piece I was creating for a nonprofit with a sci-fi theme. She had no hesitation and went in full force with a Star Trek style character. I never forgot that moment, and when a client suddenly needed a precise host for an educational video, I knew just where to turn. Carol Anne can take the dullest script and make it welcoming and upbeat. Her voice moves in waves through brighter and lower tones without the nasalized quality you often have to remove in post. She handles direction well and will quickly adapt to any versions you wish to experiment with. Lastly, she can hit marks, whether it be simple walking and talking, or more advanced gestures needed for green screen. So, if you need talent, do not even think twice. Pick up the phone now before someone else snaps her up!


Leslie Birch

President and Owner

Human + Nature

I've been doing freelance makeup for almost 20 years. I've worked with Carol Anne in almost every facet of the business including print, commercials, and videos. Not only is she very talented and professional, she always comes prepared and ready to go.


She is such an asset to have on set and always brings a great attitude. Wish Carol Anne could be on all my jobs!


Linda Fung

Make up artist

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